Marathon Second Wind

DunesI ran my first marathon two years ago in Portland, Oregon. I didn’t mess around. I followed a strict schedule: no drinking, no dancing, no late nights. I was setting a personal record every week but the challenge kept me motivated, I loved training.

I am *training for the Lucky Star Marathon, my second race, and it has not gone well. I don’t have the focus and dedication that I did for my first race on top of the fact that I have been hit with injury and illness, putting me a week behind on my training. All week I thought about scrapping the whole thing and just running a half.

This morning before I could talk myself out of it, I tied on my sneakers and went out for a long run. I decided to switch from my normal course and instead run along the Lucky Star racecourse. The course is beautiful; to my left are some of tallest dunes in the world and to my right the Atlantic Ocean. Truckers passed by honking and waiving; fishermen raised a fist  to cheer me on.

It was a really great run, the kind of run that reminds me why I do this. Instead of counting down the miles to the end I was smiling at the dunes, I stopped fighting and I let go. When I got home I decided to stop fighting the training and just go with it. This is a new race and it will have new challenges for me. Just finishing the first time was enough but this time I want to cross the finish the line strong. I’ll be working on pacing my long runs and adding consistent strength training.

*In case you are wondering I am using Hal Higdon’s Marathon Training schedule. I am mixing the Novice 1 schedule with the Intermediate 1 schedule.


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